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Table Authors & Cartographers: A-I Authors & Cartographers: J-Z Island Names
Admiralty, British Info Info
1837 H. M. S. Beagle Surveys between 1826 and 1839. Taunton, England: United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.
Galápagos Islands. Chart in six sections, as follows:
L 945 No. 1: South part of Indefatigable, Barrington, Chatham (detail view, NE corner), Charles, Hood.
L 946 No. 2: South part of Albemarle (detail view, SW corner).
L 947 No. 3: North part of Indefatigable, N. & S. Seymour (not yet named). Large inset shows Culpepper and Wenman.
L 948 No. 4: Narborough, north part of Albemarle, James, northwest segment of Indefatigable.
Detail view, to compare with Admiralty Chart 1375.
L 949 No. 5: East part of Bindloe, Tower (detail view, Beagle track past island).
L 950 No. 6: Abingdon and Bindloe Island.
Indefatigable (from L 945-948)
Detail views, to show possible track of Lt. Sulivan in yawl.
Detail views, to show possible tracks of Mr. Chaffers in longboat.
Note: See 1886 entry below for additional details on the above series.
Galápagos Islands. Eight detail views, as follows:
L 951: Charles Island: Post Office Bay area.
L 952: Albemarle Island: Tagus Cove area.
L 953: Northwest corner of Chatham Island.
L 954: Fresh Water Bay, Chatham Island.
L 955: Gardner Bay, Hood Island.
L 956: East side of James Island, Sulivan Bay, Bartholomew Island.
L 957: West side of James Island, James Bay, Albany Island.
L 958: Iguana Cove, Albemarle Island.
  Selected Editions of Admiralty Chart 1375:
1841 Galapagos Islands Surveyed by Capt. Robt. Fitz Roy R. N. and the Officers of H. M. S. Beagle, 1836.
Compare James Bay lagoon with other charts.
See FitzRoy, 1835 to view chart with track of H. M. S. Beagle.
Chart used as source for 1942 U. S. Hydrographic Office chart.
Compare with U. S. Hydrographic Office chart.
1886 Galápagos Islands, Surveyed by Captain FitzRoy, R. N. and the Officers of H. M. S. Beagle, 1836, with Additions and Corrections to 1926.
Note: Chart grid displays approximate areas covered by Admiralty charts L 945-950 cited above. “Published at the Admiralty 9th Augt. 1886” and “Large Correction, 8th August 1930” printed on bottom of chart. Numerous small corrections, 1932-1948 also listed.—JW.]
JPEG200 image JPEG2000 image
1889 Pacific Ocean: Anchorages in the Galápagos Islands; Approaches to Wreck Bay, Surveyed by Commander J. Wood, H. M. S. Pandora, 1849. London: British Admiralty Chart #1376.
1987 Archipiélago de Colón (Galapagos Islands) from the Ecuadorian and United States Government Charts to 1985. With additions and corrections to 1987.
Admiralty Chart 1375 †
Narborough, Albemarle, James, Indefatigable, Barrington, Charles
Hood, Chatham
Abingdon, Bindloe, Tower
Insets Show: 184118861987
Academia, Bahia   
Academy Bay    
Conway Bay  
Darwin Bay    
Freshwater Bay  
Gardner Bay   
Iguana Cove  
Isabel, Bahia   
James Bay  
Naufragio, Bahia   
Post Office Bay  
Stephens, Bahia   
Sulivan Bay  
Tagus, Caleta   
Tagus Cove   
Terrapin Road  
Webb Cove    
Wenman and Culpepper  

† Images are from the 1886 edition of chart (with corrections to 1948). 1987 edition uses modern names (Fernandina, Isabela, etc.), misspells Sulivan Bay as Sullivan Bay.

‡ This inset missing on some copies, present on others. Perhaps omission was accidental, and corrected during print run.

AECI: Agencia Española de Cooperación (Spanish Agency for International Cooperation)
2002 Architectural Drawings for restoration of Manuel J. Cobos Hacienda and Jail. San Cristóbal, Galápagos: Instituto Nacional de Patrimonio Cultural.

Anderson, F. A. Info
1917 Map of The Island.” [Isla Santa María] In Perry Newberry's Castaway Island. Philadephia: Penn Publishing Company.

Anonymous Info
ca. 1530 Untitled vellum chart of Pacific coast from Guatemala to Northern Perú. Chart 9 in Nautical Charts on Vellum in the Library of Congress, compiled by Walter W. Ristow and R. A. Skelton. Washington: Library of Congress, 1977.
Compare coastline with modern map.
Detail views show that Galápagos Islands were added to chart at a later date.
MRSID image MrSID Image

Arrowsmith, Aaron Info
1798 “Chart of the Galapagos, Surveyed in the Merchant-Ship Rattler, and Drawn by Capt: James Colnett, of the Royal Navy. in 1793 1794.” Engraved by T. Foot, Weston Place, St. Pancras. London. Published 1st January 1798 by A. Arrowsmith, Charles Street, Soho.
In James Colnett's A Voyage to the South Atlantic and Round Cape Horn into the Pacific Ocean .
Compare James Bay lagoon with other charts.
Compare central area with 1820 chart.
1805 Chart of the Galapagos, Surveyed in the Merchant-Ship Rattler, and Drawn by Capt: James Colnett, of the Royal Navy. in 1793 1794.” Engraved by T. Foot, Weston Place, St. Pancras. London. Published 1st January 1798 by A. Arrowsmith, Rathbone Place.
JPEG200 image JPEG2000 image
Detail of Rattler track near Charles Island.
1808 Chart of the Galapagos, Surveyed in the Merchant-Ship Rattler, and Drawn by Capt: James Colnett, of the Royal Navy. in 1793 1794.” Engraved by T. Foot, Weston Place, St. Pancras. London. Published 1st January 1798 by A. Arrowsmith, 10 Soho Square.
Detail view: Lord Chathams Isle.
1817 “Chart of the Galapagos, Surveyed in the Merchant Ship Rattler & Drawn by Capt. James Colnett R. N. in 1793 & 1794.” Engraver & publisher unidentified, but format resembles other Arrowsmith charts.
1820 “Chart of the Galapagos, Surveyed in the Merchant-Ship Rattler, and Drawn by Capt: James Colnett, of the Royal Navy. in 1793 1794. Additions & Corrections to 1817.” Engraved by T. Foot, Weston Place, St. Pancras. London. Published 1st January 1798 by A. Arrowsmith, 10 Soho Square._____ Hydrographer to His Majesty.
Compare Charles Isle on all five Arrowsmith charts.
Compare Charles Isle on Arrowsmith and Fyffe charts.
Compare Norfolk/Indefatigable on all five Arrowsmith charts.
Compare Norfolk/Indefatigable on Arrowsmith charts with Fyffe 1815 (Porters Isle) and Vandermaelen 1827 (Infatigable [sic]).
Compare central area with 1798 chart.

Arrowsmith, John
1839 South America, from Original Documents, including the Survey by the Officers of H. M. Ships Adventure and Beagle. Dedicated to Captain R. Fitz Roy, R. N. by John Arrowsmith.
Inset shows Galapagos Islands. By the Officers of H. M. S. Beagle. 1835.

Baker, Joseph Info
ca. 1796 Carte des Ìles Sandwich d'après la reconnnoissance qui en à été faite dans les differentes Relaches de la Corvette la Découverte et de sa Conserve le Chatham Commandés par le Cap. Vancouver en 1792, 1793 et 1794 et redigée sous sa direction par le Lieutenant Joseph Baker.
Partie des Ìles Gallapagos inset shows track of H. M. S. Discovery in Galápagos.
See also James Johnstone.
Compare with same area on Johnstone chart.

Beebe, William Info Info
1923 Unattributed “Sketch Map Of Galápagos Islands.” In Williams Galápagos Expedition. Zoologica: Scientific Contributions of the New York Zoological Society, Vol 5. No. 1 (December 31). New York: New York Zoological Society.
p. 2. Plate A. Sketch Map shows Route of the Noma and detail view above shows Wheeler Rock east of Daphne Major (See also p. 17 text citation).
1924 Indefatigable, Daphne & Tower Islands. Unattributed models in Beebe: Galápagos: World's End.

Blackie & Son
ca. 1860 Galapagos Islands. N°. XCVI. On large sheet, also showing New Zealand, Sandwich Islands, Papuan Archipelago.

Bowen, Emanuel
1744 The Gallapagos Islands Discovered and Described by Capt. Cowley in 1684. In John Harris' Navigantium atque Itinerantium Bibliotheca (Volume 1, p. 79, 2nd and 3rd editions).
Bowen's map is based on a Herman Moll map in “Cowley's Voyage Round the Globe” but with Text Commentary about Captains Woodes Rogers and [Edward] Davis added at bottom.
Compare Bowen and Moll maps.
Compare five versions of this map.
Compare with modern map.
MRSID image MrSID Image
1747 A New & Accurate Map of Mexico or New Spain together with California, New Mexico &c. In A Complete System of Geography. Being a Description of All the Countries, Islands, Cities, Chief Towns, Harbours, Lakes, and Rivers, Mountains, Mines, &c. of the Known World … London:William Innys, et al.
Map inset shows “The Gallipago Islands.”
MRSID image MrSID Image

Burney, James Info
1816 Gallapagos Islands, Described by Ambrose Cowley in 1684.” Facing p. 145, in Burney's A Chronological History of the Discoveries in the South Sea or Pacific Ocean and History of the Buccaneers of America.
Compare Burney and Moll maps.

Christensen, August F., & Anton Stub
1925 Isla Santa Maria del Archipelago de Colon (Ecuador.)
Hand-drawn chart of Isla Santa María on page 54 of Stein Hoff's Drømmen om Galapagos.
See also Letter by Enrique Ribadeneira pasted on back of chart.

Conway, Ainslie & Frances Conway photos
1948 Sketch maps of Floreana and Santiago on endpapers of both Conway books.

[Cowley, William Ambrosia]
1684 Tracks of Batchelors Delight and Nicholas drawn on Moll's Galápagos chart in Morgan Library Ms. 3310.

Cousteau, Jacques-Yves, & Philippe Diolé
1973 The Galápagos archipelago and its location in the Pacific with respect to Central America.
Unattributed chart in the authors' Three Adventures: Galápagos, Titicaca, The Blue Holes. New York: A & W Visual Library.

Cruz Goblado, Thomas de la Info
1794 Carta Espherica que comprehende una parte del Archipielego de los Galapagos. Madrid: Museo Naval.
See Torres y Guerra for the 1793 version of this chart.

[Darwin, Charles]
2007 Darwin in Galápagos. Google Earth images from NASA satellite photos, showing places where Darwin went ashore.

Darwin, Charles, Research Station
2006 Puerto Ayora & Charles Darwin Research Station. Google Earth images from NASA satellite photo of Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz, Galápagos.

Dean, Mallette
1940 Galapagos Islands. In 1940 Grabhorn edition of Melville's The Encantadas.

DMA: Defense Mapping Agency, Washington, DC, USA
Archipielago de Colon (Galapagos Islands) 22ACO 220001:60,000
Isla San Cristobal & Approaches22XCO 22521Sep. 29, 19841:60,000
Approaches to Canal de Santa Fe22XCO 22523Sep. 29, 19841:60,000
Isla Espanola (Hood Island) & Approaches22XCO 22524Apr. 26, 19751:60,000
Isla Santa Maria & Approaches22XCO 22526Sep. 8, 19841:60,000
Southern Coast of Isla Santa Cruz including Isla Santa Fe22XCO 22528Aug. 2, 19801:60,000
Isla Isabela to Isla Santa Maria22XCO 225291:60,000
Southern Approaches to Canal de Pinzon22XCO 225311:60,000
Puerto Villamil to Punta Cristobal22XCO 22532Mar. 16, 19851:60,000
Western Approach to Bahia Isabel22XCO 22533Oct. 19, 19851:60,000
Bahia Isabel & Approaches
  A. Bahia Isabel Anchorage
  B. Caleta Tagus
22XCO 22541Feb. 16, 19851:60,000
Western Approach to Estrecho de Bolivar22XCO 22542Jul. 20, 19851:60,000
Northern Coast of Isla Isabela22XCO 22543Aug. 24, 19851:60,000
Northern Approaches to Canal de Isabela22XCO 22544Sep. 14, 19851:60,000
Approaches to Bahia de Perry22XCO 22545Jun. 12, 19761:60,000
Eastern Approach to Canal de San Salvador22XCO 22547Jun. 5, 19761:60,000
Baltra, Mosquera, North Seymour
(outline shown on 547, but not yet published)
22XCO 225481:60,000
Northern Coast of Isla San Salvador22XCO 225491:60,000
Isla Pinta & Isla Marchena
  Plan: Isla Genovesa
22XCO 22551Sep. 1, 19791:60,000
† Chart not available for study.

Delisle, Guillaume
1722 Carte D'Amérique dressée pour l'usage du Roy.

Dunn, Samuel & Robert Sayer
1787 A General Map of the World or Terraqueous Globe. Map shows “Galapagos or Inchanted Is.”
See also Robert Sayer.

Duperrey, L. J.
1822 Carte des Iles Gallapagos d'aprés les observationes faites par Vancouver en 1791, par Davidson et le Capt. B. Hall en 1822. Hyd. Fr. N°. 725 N°. 42.
Compare James Bay lagoon with other charts.

Edwardes, G. W. P. Info
1846 Pacific Ocean: Galapagos Islands. Constructed by G. W. P. Edwardes Midshipman … H. M. S. Daphne.

Estes, Greg & K. Thalia Grant, Peter R. Grant
2000 “Darwin in Galápagos: His Footprints through the Archipelago.” In Notes of the Royal Society, Vol 54, No. 3, pp. 343-368. London: The Royal Society.
Map of Chatham Island (Isla San Cristóbal), showing points visited by Darwin.

FitzRoy, Robert FitzRoy portraits Info Info
1831-36 Captain's Log: H. M. S. Beagle. Kew, United Kingdom: National Archives ADM 51/3055: Records of the Admiralty, Captains' Logs.
Master's Log: H. M. S. Beagle. Kew, United Kingdom: National Archives ADM 52/4002: Records of the Admiralty, Masters' Logs.
Ship's Log: H. M. S. Beagle. Kew, United Kingdom: National Archives ADM 53/236: Records of the Admiralty, Ships' Logs.
Positions and bearings recorded in these logs illustrate the Galápagos segment of the voyage.
1839 Narrative of the Surverying Voyages of His Majesty's Ships Adventure and Beagle between the Years 1826 and 1836, … Appendix to the Second Voumne London: Henry Colburn.
H. M. S. Beagle track from Callao, Peru to Galápagos.

Fleming, Bernardo
1894 “Map of Ecuador” with Galápagos inset. In Ecuador: Bulletin No. 64. Washington, DC: Bureau of the American Republics.

Fraser, C. McLean Info
1943 Allan Hancock Pacific Expeditions: General Account of the Scientific Work of the Velero III in the Eastern Pacific, 1931-41. Los Angeles: University of Southern California Press.
Part I: Historical Introduction, Velero III, Personnel.
Part II: Geographical and Biological Associations.
Part III: A Ten-Year List of the Velero III Collecting Stations.
Chart showing voyages of Velero III, derived from data in Part III.

Fuente F., Vicente Info
1748 Nueva y Correcta Carta del Mar Pacífico o del Sur.” In Don Jorge Juan and Don Antonio de Ulloa's Relación Histórica del Viage a la America Meridional hecho de Orden de S. Mag. Seconda Parte, Tomo Quarto @ p. 484). Madrid: Antonio Marin.

Fyffe, John Info
1815 A Chart of the Gallepagos Islands. Taunton, England: United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. Chart #103, Shelf Pa.
Compare Porters Isle on Fyffe 1815 with Arrowsmith 1817 (Indefatigable) and Vandermaelen 1827 (Infatigable [sic]).
Compare Charles Isle on Fyffe chart with earlier and later Arrowsmith charts.
Detail view of Dowers's Isle.
Detail view of Porters Isle.

Gerritsz, Hessel
1622 Mar del Sur, Mar Pacifico.

Giffen, W. M.
1931 Pacific Ocean: The Galapagos Islands. In Slevin 1931 Log of the Schooner “Academy.”
Compare Tower Island with two Admiralty Charts.

Google Earth
  Galápagos Islands.
See Table of Island Names for other views. (Click any globe icon in “Image Links” column.)

Hacke, William Info
1687a A Description of the Islands of Gallapagos, delineated exactly according to the prescription of Mr. William Ambrose Cowley. London: British Library [Add. 5414. 27].
Detail view of northern tip of present Isla Isabela.
1687b A general draught of the Islands of Gallapagos; then followest the said Islands described severally, and also Esqr. Pepyses Island, originally described by William Ambrose Cowley. London: British Library [Sloane, 45. part ii.]
The Ms. contains the 16 illustrations listed here.
Islands of Gallapagos. A generall draught shewing the latitude and longitude … . i.38v-39
King Charleses Island described. ii.40v-41
A description of King James ye Seconds Island. iii.42v-43
A description of the Duke of Norffolks [sic] Island. iv.44v-45
A description of ye Duke of Albemarles Island. (Narbrough & Cowley's Enchanted Island also shown.)v.46v-47
A description of ye Earle of Abingtons
A description of the Lord Cullpepers Island.vii.50v-51
A description of the Lord Wainmans Island.viii.52v-53
A description of Sr John Narbroughs [sic] Island.ix.54v-55
A descrion [sic] of Capt John Bindlos Island.x.56v-57
Mr. William Ewreses Island described.xi.58v-59
Sr Anthony Deans Island described.xii.60v-61
Mr. Richard Crossmans Island described.xiii.62v-63
Mr. Nicholas Brattles Island described.xiv.64v-65
Mr. Phillip Dassignys Island described.xv.66v-67
A description of Mr. Secretarie Pepyses Island: discovered by Wm. Ambrose Cowleyxvi.68v-69
ca. 1698 The Islands of Gallappagos: discover'd by Capt. Cowley: A. 1684.” In Morgan Ms. 3310. New York: Morgan Library.

Hancock, G. Allan Info
1931-41 Allan Hancock Pacific Expeditions. See C. McLean Fraser.
1934 Probable Route of Doomed Pair.” Chart in Hancock's “Galapagos Islands Mystery Deaths Solution Given.” November 21 Los Angeles Times feature describing discovery of bodies of Lorenz and Nuggerud on Isla Marchena. Los Angeles.

Harris, John Info
1705 Navigantium atque Itinerantium Bibliotheca, or A Compleat Collection of Voyages and Travels: Consisting of above Four Hundred of the Most Authentic Writers … .
1st ed. London: Thomas Bennet, John Nicholson, Daniel Midwinter.
1744 Navigantium atque Itinerantium Bibliotheca, or A Complete Collection of Voyages and Travels … .
2nd ed. London: T. Woodward et al.
1764 Navigantium atque Itinerantium Bibliotheca, or A Complete Collection of Voyages and Travels. Consisting of above Six Hundred of the Most Authentic Writers … .
3rd ed. London: T. Osborne, H. Whitridge el al.

Harris, Michael
1982 A Field Guide to the Birds of Galapagos. Revised edition. London: William Collins Sons & Co., Ltd.
pp. 8-9. Untitled map of Galápagos Islands. (Map also appears as back cover illustration on Noticias de Galápagos, since issue No. 46.)

Heyerdahl, Thor & Arne Skjölsvold
1956 Archeological Site: James Bay, James or Santiago Island, Galápagos. At p. 14, in Archeological Evidence of Pre-Spanish Visits to the Galápagos Islands. American Archeology. No. 12. Also in American Antiquity, Volume XXII, Number 2, Part 3, October, 1956. Salt Lake City, Utah: Society for American Archaeology.

Hooker, William
1822 Gallapagos Islands.” In David Porter's Journal of A Cruise. 2nd edition. New York: Wiley and Halsted.
Bainbridge Rocks in their original location.
Unnamed island seen by Lt. Downes (the modern Genovesa)
Compare Hooker's detail view of James & Rábida with Neele & Son chart.

Imray, James & Son
1855 Chart of the West Coast of South America Extending from Truxillo to Panama, with Plans of the Principal Harbors. Drawn Chiefly from the Surveys made by Captns Fitz Roy, Kellett, Sir E. Belcher & Lieut. Wood, R. N.
Detail view of Galápagos Islands section of map.

INGALA: Instituto Nacional Galápagos Info
1989 Series of 24 maps, plus 160-page Inventario Cartográfico. Quito, Ecuador: INGALA.
Santa María - San CristóbalMapa de Recursos Hídricos1:100,000black & white
Isabela Sur
Santa Cruz
Pinta - Marchena - GenovesaMapa EcológicoHoja 1, b&w
Isabela Norte - FernandinaHoja 2, b&w
Isabela Sur - FernandinaHoja 3, b&w
Santa Cruz - Baltra - Santiago - Rábida - PinzónHoja 4, b&w
San Cristóbal - Sante FeHoja 5, b&w
Santa María - EspañolaHoja 6, b&w
Pinta - Marchena - GenovesaMapa Formaciones VegetalesHoja 1, color
Isabela Norte - FernandinaHoja 2, color
Isabela Sur - FernandinaHoja 3, color
Santa Cruz - Baltra - Santiago - Rábida - PinzónHoja 4, color
San Cristóbal - Sante FeHoja 5, color
Santa María - EspañolaHoja 6, color
Pinta - Marchena - GenovesaMapa GeomorfológicoHoja 1, color
Isabela Norte - FernandinaHoja 2, color
Isabela Sur - FernandinaHoja 3, color
Santa Cruz - Baltra - Santiago - Rábida - PinzónHoja 4, color
San Cristóbal - Sante FeHoja 5, color
Santa María - EspañolaHoja 6, color
Santa María - Santa Cruz - San CristóbalMapa Morfo-Pedológico1:50,000color
Mapa de Formaciones Vegetales
y Uso Actual del Suelo
Mapa de Aptitudes Agricolas

IOA: Instituto Oceanográfico de la Armada (INOCAR), Guayaquil, Ecuador
Title Number * Date Scale
Archipiélago de Colón (Provincia Insular de Galápagos) (Dalrimple is on this chart.) 2019831:600,000
Archipiélago de Colón (Provincia Insular de Galápagos) (Dalrimple not on this chart.) 2019911:600,000
Islas Galápagos y Puertos. Insets show: A: Bahía Academia, B: Punta Espinosa, C: Caleta Aeolian, D: Puerto General Villamil, E: Caleta Tagus, F: Islas Plaza, G: Bahía Naufragio, H: Bahía Sullivan [sic, Sulivan] and Isla Bartolome
(Magnifying-glass icon on enlargement view shows satellite photo of indicated island.)
San Cristóbal, Española 20019921:100,000
Aproximación a Puerto Baquerizo Moreno - San Cristóbal 200 019841:30,000
Bahía Naufragio 200 0 1
León Durmiente 200 0 2
Punta Pitt detail 200 0 2 1
Aproximación a Isla Española 200 119901:50,000
Aproximación a Isla Seymour e Isla Baltra. Inset shows Canal de Itabaca. 202 019881:40,000
Seymour, Mosquera, north Baltra 202 0 1
Caleta Aeolian 202 0 2
Islas Plaza, Rocas Gordon 202 0 3
Bahía Sullivan [sic (should be Sulivan)], Isla Bartolome 202 1 1
Aproximación a Puerto Isidro Ayora 203 019851:35,000
Bahía Academy 203 0 2
Aproximación a Isla Sta. María - Bahía Post Office 203 119901:50,000
Aproximación a Canal Bolívar - Isla Fernandina - Isla Isabela 205 019871:30,000
Tagus Cove 205 0 1
Punta Espinosa 205 0 2
Isabela, Parte Sur 20619921:100,000
Bahía Cartago (Isla Isabela) 206 0 119921:15,000
Bahía Elizabeth 206 0 219921:15,000
Aproximación a Puerto Villamil - Isla Isabela 206 119861:30,000
Puerto General Villamil 206 1 1
San Cristóbal, Santa Cruz 20719921:100,000

* Spaces inserted to clarify that chart is a detail view derived from previous 3-digit chart.

† Chart cited on previous chart, but not available for study.

Johnstone, James Info Info
1795 Survey of the Galápagos Islands. Taunton, England: United Kingdon Hydrographic Office. Ms. 231/7.
See also Joseph Baker.
Compare with same area on Baker chart.

Lanza, Benedetto
1974 Carta dell' Arcipelago de Colombo o delle Galápagos. Map facing page 584, in Le Isole Galápagos: Con la Spedizione Mares – G. R. S. T. S. all'Arcipelago di Colombo. Firenze: Istituto Geografico Militare.

Laurie [Robert] & Whittle [James]
1794 South America, as Divided amongst the Spaniards and the Portuguese, the French and the Dutch. By Samuel Dunn, Mathematician.
Map shows Gallapagos Islands, with Longitude West from Ferro.
Compare with maps by Robert Sayer 1775 & John Reid 1796.

Liborges, Hugh
1917 Map of the Galapagos Islands.” In Perry Newberry's Castaway Island (p. 300). Philadelphia: Penn Publishing Company.

Lyons, Russell Info
1917 The Galapagos Islands.” In Gifford Pinchot's To the South Seas (facing p. 98). Philadelphia: John C. Winston Company.

Mandel, Leon (Ed.) Info
1941 Route of the Mandel Expedition Through the Galápagos Islands. In Mandel's Leon Mandel—Field Museum Galápagos Expedition.

Mayer, Richard
1914 Archipiélago de Galápagos.” In Richard Enock's Ecuador (p. 300). New York: Charles Scribner's Sons.

McIntosh, Eduard & David E. Balfour Info
n/d Islas Galapagos: Notes on Anchorages. Quito: Discover Galapagos with Galapagos Cruises.

Mercator, Gerard Mercator portrait
1569 Nova et aucta orbis terrae descriptio ed usum navigantium emendate accomodata.
Detail view shows two island groups, both labeled “y: de los galopegos” (one may be Isla del Coco). Source for Ortelius Americae Sive Novi Orbis plate in his Theatrum Orbis Terrarum.
Compare Mercator and Ortelius charts.

Moll, Herman Info
1697 A Map of the World Shewing the Course of Mr. Dampier's Voyage Round it. From 1679 to 1691.”
MRSID image MrSID Image
  A Map of the Middle Part of America.”
Both maps in Dampier: A New Voyage Round the World. London: James Knapton.
“Middle Part of America” variant in Johnson: History of the Pyrates, Vol II. London: T. Woodward.
1699 The Gallapagos Islands, Discovered by Capt. John Eaton.” In “Cowley's Voyage …” in A Collection of Original Voyages, published by Capt. William Hacke. London: James Knapton.
Apparent source for subsequent chart by Emanuel Bowen.
Compare Moll and Bowen maps.
Compare Moll and Burney maps.
Compare five versions of this map.
1711 “Map of South America, According to the Newest and most Exact Observations.” Undated.
Cartouche with dedication.
Inset shows view of Potosi.
Moll's opinion of the competition is printed in lower center of map.
Compare Galápagos Islands with the following Moll map.
1726 A New & Exact Map of the Coast, Countries and Islands within ye Limits of ye South Sea Company …
Moll's opinion of the competition is again printed in lower center of map.
Compare Galápagos Islands with the previous Moll map.
MRSID image MrSID Image of map, less insets at top

Moore, Alan & Tui
1980 Parque National Galápagos, Guia a los Sitios de Visita del/Guide to the Visitor Sites of. Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz, Galápagos: Parque National Galápagos.
Compare James Bay lagoon with other charts.

Moore, Alan & Miguel Cifuentes, Tui De Roy
1996 Parque National Galápagos, Guia a los Sitios de Visita/Guide to the Visitor Sites. 3rd edition. Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz, Galápagos: Parque National Galápagos

Moorepark, Howard Info
1925 S. S. Arcturus at the Galapagos Islands from the Sea of Sargasso. Oceanographic Exploration Expedition of the New York Zoological Society. Designed, drawn and printed in Lithography, and Published by Howard Moorepark, New York City 1925.

NASA: National Aeronautics & Space Administration
2002 March 12 Satellite photo of Galápagos Islands. Washington, DC: NASA Visible Earth Directory of Images, VE Record ID 12295.
  Composite photo of Galápagos Islands, showing underwater detail.
2006 Puerto Ayora & Charles Darwin Research Station. Google Earth images from NASA satellite photo of Puerto Ayora, Isla Santa Cruz, Galápagos.
2010 Compare Satellite view of James Bay lagoon with earlier charts.

National Geographic Society
  Maps included with various issues of National Geographic Magazine, as indicated by Month, below. An inset on each map shows the Galápagos Islands. Washington, DC: National Geographic Society.
1921 October. Map of South America
(Map shows Tower Island as Tover.)
1936 December. Pacific Ocean.
(First known occurrence of the name Baltra on a map.)
1937 December. Pacific Ocean.
(Same inset as 1936 map.)
1942 October. Pacific Ocean.
(Same inset as 1936 map.)
1950 October. Pacific Ocean.
1960 February. Pacific Ocean.

Neele & Son
1823 Gallapagos Islands.” In David Porter's A Voyage in the South Seas. London: Sir Richard Phillips & Co.
Chart is a copy of Hooker chart, but adds Phillips's I. label to island (Rábida?) off south shore of James Island.
Compare Neele & Son's detail view of James & Rábida with Hooker chart.

Ortelius, Abraham Ortelius portrait Info
1570 Americae Sive Novi Orbis, Nova Descriptio. In Theatrum Orbis Terrarum.
Map shows two island groups labeled “Ins. de los galepegos” and “Ins. de los Galopegos.” Probably derived from Mercator 1569.
Compare Mercator and Ortelius charts.
Compare with the 1587 edition.
MRSID image MrSID Image of entire map
../JPEG2000 Image JPEG2000 Image of entire map
1579 Americae Sive Novi Orbis, Nova Descriptio. In Theatrum Orbis Terrarum.
Second version, repeats nomenclature given above.
1587 Americae Sive Novi Orbis, Nova Descriptio. In Theatrum Orbis Terrarum.
Compare with the 1570 edition. The 1587 map duplicates the two island groups on the 1570 and 1579 editions, but here only one is labeled “Ins. de los galepegos.” The former “Ins. de los Galopegos” is now “Ins. de Cocos.”
1589 Title not given, cited in El Archipiélago de Colón. Carlos Manuel Larrea 1973.

Palacios, Daniel Info
2001 Bathymetry Maps of the Galápagos Islands. 2-D or 3-D format.

Picking, Sherwood Info Info
1941 Sketch map showing areas searched for grave site of Lieutenant John S. Cowan. Included with April 24 letter to Captain Dudley W. Knox, Office of Naval Operations. Washington, DC: Naval Historical Center.

Pipon, Philip
1814 A Chart of the Gallapagos Islands. Taunton, England: United Kingdom Hydrographic Office. Shelf Pb, 132.
Compare James Bay lagoon with other charts.

Reclus, Jean Jacques Élisée Info
ca. 1890 “The Galapagos Archipelago.” in A Universal Geography: The Earth and its Inhabitants. Chapter VI, pp. 265-273. New York: Appleton & Co.
Maps of Galápagos Archipelago (Fig. 103), Albemarle (Fig. 104) & Chatham Islands (Fig. 106).

Reid, John
1796 A General Map of South America From the Best Surveys.
Map shows Gallapagos Islands, with Longitude West from London.
Compare with maps by Laurie & Whittle 1794, & Robert Sayer 1775.

Ricci, Matteo
1602 Portion of world map Konyo bankoku zenzu, a Japanese copy of Ricci's Chinese original. Detail view shows island thought to represent Galápagos. Sendai, Japan: Kano Collection, Tohoku University Library.

Ringrose, Basil (translator) Info
1682-83 South Sea Waggoner. Greenwich, England: National Maritime Museum, ms. P.32.
The ms. contains a crude Galápagos chart, apparently added some years later.
See Howse & Thrower for a modern edition of the Ringrose translation.

Ritter, Friedrich Ritter photo Info
1935 Insel Floreana. Map on p. 255 of Friedrich Ritter † Als Robinson Auf Galapagos. (“The Robinson [Crusoe] of Galápagos.”) Leipzig: Grethlein & Co Nachf.

Rouge, Sieur le
1740 l'Amérique Suivant le R. P. Charlevoix Jte. Mr. de laCondamine et Plusieurs autres Nouv. le Observations.
Isles Galapes section lists Mascarin, Sante, Tabac with I. de Gallego about 15 degrees to the west.

Sayer, Robert Info
1775 A Map of South America Containing Tierra-Firma, Guayana, New Granada, Amazonia, Brasil, Peru, Paraguay, Chaco, Tucuman, Chili and Patagonia. Map shows “Galapagos or Inchanted Is.” with Longitude West from Ferro.
Compare with maps by Laurie & Whittle 1794 & John Reid 1796.
See also Dunn & Sayer.

Schimpff, J. F.
1932 Floreana Map in “By a Modern ‘Robinson Crusoe:’ Experiences in Back-to-Nature Existence on Floreana Island.” In American Weekly (newspaper, no other information available).

Schöner, Johannes (school of?) Info
[1524-35] Terrestrial Globe of Johannes Schöner. Reproduction of twelve globe gores in Monumenta Cartographica, Vol 1, Plates 1-3. The Hague (1925): Martinus Nijhoff.
Detail view may be Galápagos Islands (Plate 3, gore 10).

Skogman, Carl Johan Alfred
1854-55 Galapagos Öarne. Stockholm: Adolf Bonnier.
Galápagos map included in the author's Fregatten Eugenies . . . book.

Slevin, Joseph R. Info
1931 Track of Schooner Academy in Galápagos. Based on entries in the author's Log of the Schooner “Academy.”
1938 James Bay. Map included with April 28 letter to Waldo Lasalle Schmitt indicates possible location of Lt. Cowan's grave.

Snell, Heidi M.
2001 Aerial photos of Galápagos Islands.

Snell, Heidi M. & Paul A. Stone, Howard L. Snell
1995 Galápagos Islands, Ecuador.
p. 19, Figure 1. Chart in authors' “Geographical Characteristics of the Galápagos Islands.” In Noticias de Galápagos, 55, July 1995.

Stieler, Adolph
1880 “Polynesien und Der Grosse Ocean.” Chart dated 1878, in Adolph Stieler's Hand Atlas. Gotha, Germany: Justus Perthes.
Inset shows “Galápagos In.”

Stockdale, I. Info
1798 A Chart shewing part of the Coast of N. W. America, with the tracks of His Majesty's Sloop Discovery and Armed Tender Chatham.
Inset shows “Part of the Gallapagos Isles.” In George Vancouver's Voyage of Discovery … .

Sulloway, Frank J. Info
1987 Darwin's Route through the Galápagos in H.M.S. Beagle. Figure 1 in “Darwin and the Galápagos: Three Myths.” In Oceanus, Vol 30, Number 2.

Tessan, Dortel de
1842 Carte d'une Partie de L'Archipel des Galapagos, Levée et dressée à bord de La Vénus, sous les ordres de Mr. A. Du-Petit-Thouars, … par Mr. de Tessan. (Chart of Part of the Galápagos Archipelago, prepared and drawn aboard the Vénus, by Order of Mr. A. Du-Petit-Thours, by Mr. de Tessan.) Paris(?), France: Dépôt-Général de la Marine.

Torres y Guerra, Alonso de Info
1793 Carta Esferica que comp[ren]de una p[ar]te del Archipielago delos Galapagos. Washington, DC: Library of Congress ms. G5302.G3 17--.C3 Vault.
See Cruz Goblado for the 1794 version of this chart.

Trueb, Linda Info
1982 Course of the Schooner Academy.
Cover chart on Race With Extinction (Fritts & Fritts 1982).

U. S. Air Force
1946-1959 Galápagos Mapping Missions. 1370th Photo Mapping Group, Aerial Survey Team #5 & 91st RSB.
1948 Chaves Island. World Aeronautical Chart: (953) Chaves Island, Galapagos Islands, South Pacific. Third Edition, November 1948. Washington, DC: Aeronautical Chart Service, U. S. Air Force.
1959 Aerial photo from Mapping Mission, showing Aeolian Cove area with overlay identifying buildings. See also U. S. Navy 1943 U. S. Naval Base map below.

U. S. Army Info
1943 Pacific Ocean: Special Map: Galapagos Islands: Seymour Island. Corozal, Canal Zone: Corps of Engineers, Panama Canal Dept.
Compare with 1959 U. S. A. F. aerial photo.
MRSID image MrSID Image of map.
MRSID image MrSID Image of aerial photol

U. S. Hydrographic Office Info Info
1942 Pacific Ocean: The Galápagos Islands. From a British Survey in 1836 with additions to 1942. Chart 1798. Washington, DC: Hydrographic Office. 13th edition, June 1942
Genovesa Island detail.
Locations of AWS (Aircraft Warning Service) Stations.
Compare with Admiralty chart.
1942 Pacific Ocean, Galapagos Islands, Baltra Island. From a Survey by U. S. S. Bowditch in 1942. [First edition, apparent source for U. S. Army map above.—JW.]
MRSID image MrSID Image of map.
1946 United States Chart 5921. Eastern Approach to Canal de San Salvador. Taken from a survey by the USS Bowditch in 1942. 2nd edition, October 1946.
2002 U. S. S. Bowditch Galápagos Track drawn on 1942 chart from entries in ship's deck log, 30 April - 14 October, 1942.

U. S. Navy Info
1942 Galapagos Islands. In Field Monograph of Galápagos Islands. Washington, DC: Office of Naval Intelligence. [On file at College Park, Maryland: National Archives and Records Administration, Document ONI-78, Item 23c, Record Group 38.]
1942 Track Chart of flight patterns and Map showing Panama and southwest approaches. In 1942 Memorandum from Commander Paul F. Foster to Franklin D. Roosevelt. Franklin D. Roosevelt Library Digital Archives.
1943 U. S. Naval Base: South Seymour Island, Galapagos Islands. [On file at Port Hueneme, California: CEC (Civil Engineer Corps) SeaBee Historical Foundation.]
MRSID image MrSID Image

Vandermaelen, Philippe Marie Guillaume
1827 Océanique. Iles Galapagos.” No. 17 in Atlas Universel de Géographic Physique, Statistique et Minéralogique sur l'échelle de 1:1.641.836 ou d'une ligne sur 1900 toises.
Compare Vandermaelen's Ile Infatigable [sic] with Fyffe 1815 (Porters Isle) and Arrowsmith 1817 (Indefatigable).

Vaughan, Robert
1628 A New and accurate Mappe of the World, …” In The World Encompassed by Sir Francis Drake. London: Nicholas Bourne.
Map shows Galápagos as single island, labelled “I. S. Crux.”

Villacís, Gonzalo
1937 Chacras en Santa Cruz: Archipielago de Colon. Puerto Ayora: Galápagos: Unpublished Survey.

Wieder, Frederik Caspar Info
1925 Monumenta cartographica: Reproductions of unique and rare maps, plans and views in the actual size of the originals; accompanied by cartographical monographs. The Hague, Netherlands: Martinus Nijhoff.

White, W. M. Info
1992 Untitled Galápagos Bathymetry Chart in Christie, Duncan et al, “Drowned islands downstream from the Galapagos hotspot imply extended speciation times.”

Zagier & Urruty
2008 Islas Galápagos Historical Chart: Explorer Tracks; Rutas de Exploracion. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Zagier & Urruty Publications.
Order chart from