Above: In Dampier's New Voyage – Below: in Johnson's History of the PyratesTable of Differences

Herman Moll's A Map of the Middle Part of America in selected editions of Dampier's New Voyage
Date1698 (2nd)1729 (7th)190619271999
PublisherJames KnaptonE. Grant
“Middle Part” in roman 
Middle Part” in italics    
Track of Dampier's voyage absent (present on all others)    
“Costa Rica” absent    
Guaiana with “u”, Brazil with “z”    
Gvaiana with “v”, Brasil with “s” 
Long “s” (Hiſpaniola, Iſlands, Roſario, etc.)    
Modern “s” (Hispaniola, Islands, Rosario, etc.) 
“Venezuel” and “a” on either side of river    
“Venezu” and “ela” on either side of river 
Tropick of Cancer with “c” 
Tropick of Canser with “s”    
“Atlan” followed by diagonal “=” as hyphen   
“Place this at P. 24” just below upper border    
“Damp. Voy. Vol I. Plate 2. p. 24.” just above lower left border    
“fronting the Title, vol II.” just above upper right border (in Johnson's History only)    
No page placement instructions on map  
“I. Lobos de Mar” just below lower border 
“I. Lobos de Mar” absent   
 Reprint Source: Text 6th edition 7th edition not stated
 Reprint Source: Map
† Illustration is poorly trimmed, with information at top and bottom missing.
‡ Map legend states source is Esquemeling's History of the Buccaneers, but is in fact copied from Capt. Samuel Johnson's History of the Pyrates. See Moll Bibliography info for further details.