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Darwin in Galápagos

John Woram

In the list below, each date is a link to Darwin's Diary entry for that day, and the location name links to a Google Earth image of the area. A white font indicates an onshore location visited or described by Darwin. Other locations of interest in yellow font. Current name followed by name (in parentheses) used by Darwin. These locations may also be viewed via links within Darwin's Diary.

HMS Beagle anchorages indicated by white circles. Date, time and bearings are taken from ship's log. Bearings (in parentheses) are equivalent compass bearings with 9°30' magnetic variation added. Offshore latitudes and longitudes based on google earth data. Onshore locations based on data in Estes, Grant, Grant's “Darwin in Galápagos.” For details about “Circular Wall” in October 1 image, see “A Stone Wall on Isabela” in Grant & Estes' Writing on Walls.

Isla San Cristóbal (Chatham)
16 Cerro Tijeretas
17 Puerto Grande
18 Terrapin Road
20 Freshwater Bay
21-22 Craterized District
Isla Floreana (Charles)
24-26 Post Office Bay
26-28 Black Beach
Isla Isabela (Albemarle)
29 Iguana Cove
1 Banks [now, Tagus] Cove & Beagle Crater
Beagle Crater closeup (Google Earth 3D View)
Isla San Salvador (James)
8-17 Adam [now, Buccaneer] Cove
† No evidence that Darwin went ashore on this date