Index to the Gorgas Hospital Mortuary Death Records

Data in the List above is derived from: Gorgas Hospital Mortuary Records.

Pilot, Aircraft, Serial #, etc. details are on the Aircraft Accidents in Galápagos page.

Mortuary Notes

Drummond Jr., Thomas J. The “Jr.” suffix added here to agree with name on tombstone, below.

Helton, Bert. See Pfingstl below for details.

LePage Jr., Arthur C. Remains were shipped to unspecified location. McAllen, TX on website.

Mast, John Franklin. Rank actually listed as simply “Officer,” but known from a 1942 Accident Report to be First Lieutenant.

Pfingstl, Henry. The VI Bomber Command website reports the following:

On January 6, [1943] while flying patrol, airplane #38 [41-9038], 44th Bombardment Squadron, developed engine trouble near the runway at Galapagos Islands and was forced to make a crash landing in the bay. SSgt. Henry Pfingetl [sic, Pfingstl], Engineer; and Sgt. Bert Helton, Bombardier, were killed in this crash. Special mention went to Lts. Gaughan and Skousen, pilot and co-pilot, respectively, of the plane, in risking their lives in an unsuccessful attempt to free Sgts. Pfingetl and Helton from the wreckage of the plane. All other members of the crew escaped with minor cuts and bruises. On January 7 and 8, Sgts. Pfingetl and Helton were buried at Galapagos Islands with highest military honors.

Salgado-Genaro, Jose. Name appears a second time, as Genaro-Salgado, Jose M. The former is believed to be correct. Date Received column in Gorgas Records is blank; assumed here to be same as Burial date, to agree with every other entry. Complete Remarks are: To Puerto Rico on USS Honda Knot/December 18, 1947

Unknown: Common Grave (11). Date in the Death column matches that of Lieutenant Ussery's crash and the (11) agrees with the LB-30 crew of eleven. In the Comments column, the “shipped Mar 18, 1948” entry may be the date when eleven remains were shipped to the Chattanooga National Cemetery. If this is correct, the common grave held only nine remains, as two others were buried elsewhere. See Ussery entry immediately below for more details.

Ussery, William R. With two exceptions, all his crewmen were buried at Grave 6950, 5, 20. Ussery himself, and Lieutenant Richard E. A. Regula were buried seperately at the Corozal Cemetery. All eleven remains were subequently (May 11, 1948) re-interred at Chattanooga National Cemetery, Chattanooga, TN, as shown by a section of their tombstone at the cemetery.