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  • Each  ☼  symbol is a link to a Google Earth image showing that site and others nearby.
  • Black & white U. S. Air Force mapping mission photo used if Google Earth image is unclear.
  •  marine  category indicates an offshore location near the listed island. In most cases, the site simply takes the name of the nearby island.
  • terrestrial category is an onshore walk or hike.

The Site list is based on information posted in the Galápagos National Park Visitor Sites Guide, which provides more detailed descriptions of 80 terrestrial and 79 marine sites. The list is still “under construction” and the Marine Visitor Sites list is not yet complete.

Symbols on Google Earth images indicate activities at that location:
Scuba Diving Snorkeling Panga Ride Kayaking Hiking
Red background indicates restricted site

Galápagos Islands Visitor Sites

Description *

 * PNG is a link to the Parque Nacional Galápagos (Galápagos National Park) website where that visitor site is described.
NOTE: For reasons unknown, the Park website has suspended this feature.

  § Punta Albemarle photos are actually Isla Sombrero Chino (off Isla San Salvador).

§§ See Take Me To Your Mirador for more information.