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Author Title Author's Bibliography
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Comparison of Chapter Titles in Various Journal Editions
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(Galápagos chapter only, with illustrations)
2007: “Darwin in Galápagos
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(General info about film)
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2003: Portraits in the Round: Busts of Charles Darwin
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2005: Charles Darwin Slept Here (Sample excerpts in PDF files)
2006: Chronology of the Seth Parker Voyage
2006: The Seven Manuscripts of William Ambrosia Cowley
2009: The Galápagos Post Office
2011: On the Origin of “Galápago”
2013: Why are there no Cormorants at Bahía Cormorant?
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2014: Plagiarising Paradise (reviews)
2014: Putting Galápagos on the Map
2014: Dating a Lava Flow at Beagle Crater
2015: Take Me to Your Mirador
2015: The Great Inca at Floreana
2015: The Galápagos Charts of the 1783 Santa Gertrudis Survey
  Title — A published book
“Title” — Other publication (newspaper, magazine, etc.)
Title — Document unpublished elsewhere
Text Comparisons
Authors Comments
William Ambrosia Cowley Lambeth ms. appears to be an expanded version of Cowley's “Your Grace” letter.
There are significant content differences between the Sloane, Pepys & Morgan mss.
Herman Melville
& Edmund Spenser
Melville freely borrowed from Edmund Spenser for his introductory verses.
Herman Melville
& James Colnett
Melville used Colnett's Voyage as one of his sources.
Herman Melville
& David Porter
Melville also borrowed and enhanced much of Porter's original text.
Melville, Porter & Coulter Melville follows Porter's account of Patrick Watkins' fate.
Dore Strauch
& Margret Wittmer
Their accounts of Dr. Ritter's death don't always agree.